Looking for a charger that won’t let you down while you’re on the go? Explore the possibilites with the new and improved Tenfour 2.0 External Battery Pack. Now equipped with a USB-C port, the Tenfour 2.0 will quick-charge up to 3 devices at once - including laptops. Keep one with you wherever you go and your devices will always be in the green. Copy that? Tenfour.
• 10,400mAh
• 3.1 amp Charging Speed
• Premium Grade LithiumIon Battery
• Built-in Short Circuit and Surge Protection
• 3 Output Slots to Charge Multiple Devices at Once
• 2 USB ports and 1 USB-Cport
• Capacity Indicator Lights
• Includes Charging Cord
• Custom Packaging Available at 250 units(via overseas)

Tenfour™ 2.0 10,400mAh Power Bank

SKU: 10398260